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Let it Burn

This song is by Agent Orange and appears on the album Virtually Indestructible (1997).

i propose that we devise a plan
down to every last detail - we cannot fail
'cuz the only thing that's standing in our way
is disastrous betrayal
so let the driving force prevail

now i'm falling back on all the dreams we left behind
it's a lesson that i never thought i'd learn
tonight i'm gonna sacrifice something i really love
feel it melt into my hands and
let it burn - all night long

ever since the day it all began
massive walls surrounding me - on every side
now i hear a crash - they all come tumbling down
as memories collide - i'm living for that wild ride

could it be that i've forgotten what i came here for?
when i leave this world, i never will return
i know the only way for me to save my soul tonight
is to light the midnight lamp and
let it burn - all night long

what can i say? you know what it means to me
i would kill to be where i belong
i know this thing could live endlessly
but i can hear them saying
"better let it all go up in flames"

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