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As You Wish

This song is by Agent Felix and appears on the album When Pigs Fly (2002).

This girl is smooth as day old whiskey
as tough as day old bread
a 2 ton tire tread
Someday I know that she'll be leaving
And I'll sit here believing
I'll see those eyes again
But im gonna go insane right now if I dont talk to her
If shes not coming back this time I sware
Shes my heroine
My heiroine
(Like A setting sun when no more)
Got high on the 50 yard line
Gops showed up and got fined
They chased us round the ben
We sat on the hill at night time
Just looking at the sky line
Just talkign to the wind
Shes my heroine
My heiroine

Shes my heroine
My heiroine