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Favorite Sin

This song is by Agathodaimon and appears on the album In Darkness (2013).

People go to church for the same reasons
The same reasons they go to a tavern
To stupify themselves
To forget their misery
To imagine themselves
Even only for minutes
Free and happy
[Mikhail Bakunin]

... So I looked behind and beheld a pale horse
And his name who sat on him was Death
And Hell followed with him...

"Power was given unto them
Over the fourth part of earth
To kill with the sword
With famine and death
By the wild beasts of the earth
When the sun turned black
And the moon bloodred
And the stars fell down to earth"

To do all that one is able to do
Is to be a man
To do all that one would like to do
Is to be a God

Woman, make a stand
Come crawling to my hand
Put away your fear
It's only me, my dear

Man, if there were dreams to sell
What would you buy, tell?
Eternally, your favourite sin
Is pride that apes humility


Imensitate, veşnicie,
Tu, haos, care toate-aduni...
În golul tău e nebunie, -
Şi ii faci pe toţi nebuni.
Imensitate, veşnicie,
Pe cînd eu tremor în delir,
Cu ce supremă ironie
Arăţi în fund un cimitir.
[George Bacovia, excerpt of „Pulvis‟*]


[*Translation of the excerpt:]
Immensity, eternity,
You, chaos, who gather everything ...
In your void is insanity -
You make us all insane.
Immensity, eternity,
With what supreme irony,
As I shake with fever, you reveal
In the background a cemetery.

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