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Does It Make A Difference?

This song is by Against Me! and appears on the album Against Me! (1997).

What if I don't recognize their holidays,
Or pay respect to those who died in wars?
What if I refuse to resort to violence
To solve my conflicts,
And if I don't leave it up to their democracy
To decide what's best for me?
What if I won't beat their cross anymore?

What if I don't want anything
To do with their fucking system?
And if I refuse to give myself
To the beast that's brought death to millions,
Killed of countless cultures and raped my earth.
If I denounce the system does it make a difference?

When I turn off the T.V.
Does it really change the agenda?
When I open my mind does it make me any better?
What if I refuse to take one drink to sooth the stress,
And recognize it for the crutch that it is?
Because I won't subscribe to their death
Does it help to stop the slaughter?

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