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24 Hours A Day

This song is by Against Me! and appears on the album Against Me! (1997).

Faced with everyone's worst fear.
Our trivial lives that don't marrer so why are we here?
Oh what a dream, little bit of freedom little bit of fantasy.
I once knew what it was, that drove me to strive for a new tomorrow.
The anger that drove me when I was younger.
Now I can see the hate that misguided me.
Sometimes all I want to do is sleep.
The world would never miss me.

A sunny day then a starry night work a day job from eight to noon.
Try to overcome the things up against me.
She's all that keeps me going,
she's all that keeps the fight in me.
I try and hold onto my roots, she crowds my memory.
She holds onto me, when I all I wanna do is sleep.

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