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In On Your Joke

This song is by Against All Authority and appears on the album Nothing New for Trash Like You (2001).

It's your story
And I'm just the antithesis
To your american dream
And I sit here in this fuckin' nightmare

Watching you,
Biding time
And telling lies and I'm wondering why your even here at all

It's your salvation
That leaves me in this eternal hell
To a complacent life of shit that leaves me choking on the smellof
Ruined lives, and wasted minds
And good ideas that leave
People shot down in the street
Children cold with nothing to eat
The homeless with their shoeless feet
And fat cats and their wealthy hags
Pass people living out of bags

Shit can someone give me hope

Your goal in life is to live until you die
My goal in death is to escape this pathetic human sky 'cause
Where the air is poison
And the raindrops burn
And sex is death
Well its hard for me to see whats left
When generals are struck down from the sky
And politicians are victims of their lies
When all the cops are locked in jail
And all the priests have gone to hell
When lawyers rot in growing heaps
And our world leaders are buried deep well
Thats the day
Thats the day ill find my hope

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