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Life Is Hard

This song is by Afterburn Inc.

Afterburn Inc.

Life is hard
Verse 1
People wanna wish death upon us
Cuz we wanna kill them
Police runnin around causing a fuss
Asking when where and when
We put caps in there Face
For wielding a mace
Cuz we were frontin
And stuntin
And u didn't like it
And told u to eat shit

Life is hard
So death gotta be easy
U hire some bodyguards
U strut in ya hood
Like a retard.

Verse 2
How did u end up like dis
Cuz u forgot to see da signs u missed
It all started when I was takin a piss
U come behind me
N start cussing me like a gee
Then the next time we meet
You're the one who won't be smelling sweet


Verse 3

You followed me for some reason
If I was king I would hang u for treason
Nobody liked u and nobody ever will
Cuz u like to brag
Bout a drive by kill
U try and act like a pimp
But really you're a wimp
Why not shrivel up
Like a little shrimp

Chorus (x2)

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