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You Better Be Alone

This song is by After The Tragedy and appears on the EP The Voyage Of Reason (2007).

Wake up, wake up! Something here is wrong
The wood, the bolts, the ropes are all replaced with fog
Were under attack! Throw the ropes across, they fall to the sea
I wouldnt wake those who are asleep, let them die in peace
At least thats what the captain says

Lay me down with fragile hands, tell me that youll hold me always
That youll never leave me alone
Lay me down with fragile hands tell me that you will
Always hold me. That you will hold me always.
That you will hold me alone.
Im still lonely. Tell me what makes your heart beat? Tell me why Im still lonely
Tell me why Im alone.

Shoot to kill! Dont let them take us down,
We shot through their chests but their will was carried out
Return the attack! As my saber was returning the dead
The screams of my soldiers would boil my rage out,
This ends now
You cant stand on a ghost ship, youll just fall through


Not another, no not another word from you I dont wanna hear your lies now
Youve torn my will to love apart with your destructive tongue
Not another, no not another lie from you I dont wanna hear your lies now
Just turn around and leave me here
Leave me here alone

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