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This song is by Afroman.

Original video
over the moon is wher i'll be fillin my cup,
from a pot of tea
and in the end my life will send for you to be with me
in the night i will pray god i wish my love would stay
for me..for theirs no direction in the wind.
im staring at the moon playing with the spoon that sits on the table
my tea is getting cold while i am getting old
i pray for the moon light to send me well wishes
coming from over the hill and bring me my true love
for ther i cannot be without him
i hope we will be together
through history and beyond
not even this pillow thet lays upon my bed will make me happy
if its not you then i shall not be happy
i dont feel my peace nor the content
i think my love for u has been bent its not what has been sent to me
now i shall leave this little world and be...
disolved into history....

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