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Der Führer

This song is by Affiance and appears on the album No Secret Revealed (2010).

In a time of crisis we have clung to any hope. We rally against another to have
A common foe. It's not the truth that matters, only victory. Their agenda to
Destroy our humanity. They say he's straight from heaven, I say he's straight
From hell. A monument of the cursed cruelty, a man stands among us. Our days of
Happiness are few before they give way to a holocaust. It's not the truth that
Matters, only victory. Their agenda to destroy our humanity. Hear my cry. Hear
My cry before there's genocide. This is a holocaust. Is it envy that powers the
Trains, or is it power that trains us to envy? How could so much hate be bred
Among us? We must never let this happen again. Now we live in infamy for
Feeding the monster.

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