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Dragon Coaster

This song is by Aesop Rock and appears on the compilation The Bastard EP (2003).

Ah, swamp (swamp) rat in the labyrinth hunting derriere-e
Skeletal vessel crashed where the liquid meets the prairie (Riiight)
Limper lung stability speeches bumped into infantry
Simply smile, write it, ran victory
My tenants blanket the banquet
Thank it and shank it, sank into my prayers
Let the steam roll off the lip off the kettle
My block contracts and drips in a bucket of bums
Drunk with nine planets
For the simple panic they won't even share a cup with the sun (son)
Flow commits the blaze harassment of my entrapment's fragments
Open the ??? leaf plus modest play adaption
A creak and a rusty hinge notified
Every marketplace commoner marked amongst as DUSTBIN
Gotta rope and a slogan pig but can't finger their motives
Surgeons work the ??? suture broken devotions
.................... (but wha?)
A story telling casualities about magic on a rotten day
... but was?
... I'm already NOOOO
When i tell you about the fish that got away.
I walk a bridge of tin cans hold my flag within hands
Varnished the tarnished skeletal frame setting on a devil tin-man
Atoms (Atoms Family) taught me about an Iron Galaxy where I sleep
But I'm trying to find if my tin figures
Are special or obsolete
I dash the dreams with an attraction to the captions set the bottom
Here lies a tailor made slave nozzle
I can feel the reminents of your devilish smile
Offered it's playland but
Id rather play the sun and let it fade

Let it fade
Like a tale in winter
Staring in to the realm
Of a nine headed monster MC at the helm
Call it the dragon coaster
But this ain't play land
Adjust the Ray Bans
As we lay back and lax in luxury
With best laid plans (Damn!)
It's clearly my intention to rock
Each and every single time my needle drops
See I eat a lot of rhymes at real time served hot
Maybe drink em straight up or pour it on the rocks

When you're not competition for the shell shocked
The cinematic on the mic will leave it swell knots
Get up, were on a war path with the peace staff
Well if you don't get it
Well shit, at least laugh


Definitely dedicated to the craft
Well pay attention you don't even know the half

Yo check it out

(Scratched in)... thank you and have a good night
...Have a good night

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