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She's On Fire

This song is by Aerosmith and appears on the album Done with Mirrors (1985).

Original video
Oooh she's on fire
Oooh she's on fire

Hot to trot she's a bit insane
Little bit a pleasure
With a little bit a pain
I got to be smokin'
So I know without a doubt
Where there's smoke there's fire
So I gotta boot it out

Say oooh she's on fire
Oooh she's on fire

Homely child with a hang down lip
Starved for love and companionship
Little by little catchin' up to me
She's more of a woman
Then I thought she'd be to me... yeah

Hungry girl she's the skinniest thing
She's sayin' the word I'm losin' sting ?

She's on fire
She hung my head in a guillotine
She's my flame she's a wettin' my dream
She's on fire

Oooh she's on fire (4x)

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