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Lizard Love

This song is by Aerosmith and appears on the movie soundtrack Rugrats Go Wild (2003).

Original video
What's that

I woke up in the mist on a desert isle
I dreamt that I was kissed by a crocodile

Must be lizard love

I think this must be love 'cause I just go slimed
Like Tarzan kissin' Jane for the very first time

Must be lizard love
Call it lizard love

It's a jungle love lover
It's the kind that likes ta kiss 'n tell
It's a little bit a heaven
24 / 7 ridin' off on the back of a gazelle

I let them voodoo be make it do the do
And you can blame it on the heat
I put a spell on you

Must be lizard love
Call it lizard love

At first I thought I was dreamin'
Then I'd wake up and she'd disappear
But by the time we got to Jurassic Park
She was barefoot 'n screamin', swingin' from a chandelier

You know I never seem to give or ever get enough
And I just can't seem to live
Without that sweet bodacious stuff

Call it lizard love
Call it lizard love, yea yea yea
Call it lizard love, lizard love

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