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This song is by Aeons Ov Frost and appears on the album Cold Front (2008).

Sounds ov revolt are a chaos beat
Earthquake is tramping ov thousands of feet
A roar ov a crowd is a myriad ov words
It's the song ov a forthcoming storm!

A thunder is echoes ov my cries
It makes me stronger
My heart is open within the ancient winds.
They're blowing away from me -

The cleansing darkness is above you and me -The noisy vision ov the lightnings.
Clangs ov sky-swords and a battle ov shields
Roaring louder, do you hear its yowls?

The thunder echoes all my cries
It makes me stronger
My mind is open with an ancient will
It's speaking out, far away from me -GROM!

I shout - the storm seconds me
Let the tempest burst forth
Opening my embrace to the winds
I have started the changes on my own

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