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S.O.S. (Song of the Lost)

This song is by Aelan Vital.

These pieces scattered everywhere
Are fragments of a life
Collided by the force
Of loveless hands and unsound mind
You told me that you care
But look, I'm stranded here again
Your empty words sowed wind
And now you reap a hurricane

You left me here to dry and die
Amongst the fallen of this life
In (our) darkest hour we found a light
Now watch us rise and sing this song

I sing the song of the lost, S.O.S (x2)

Far slung, broken, catapulted
Without a cause to know
Your choice fought nothing more
(Than) to heal you shattered, jaded soul
What comes around, you pushed around
And choked the breath of life
Misguided by your faith
You sought in darkness, snuffed the light

Now in the silence of wreck
(Forget the past and what was said)
I found the strength to look ahead
I leave behind the fear, the dread
(Absolve the chains, unlock the gates)
Once never the living, walking dead

I sing the song of the lost, S.O.S. (x2)

Turn away from sorrow, it's the way to turn back home (x2)

I sing the song of the lost, S.O.S (x2)
I sing the song, I sing S.O.S. (x2)

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