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The Severe Mountain

This song is by Aegonia.

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Sorrow, give me strength
Winter, be my fellow-traveller
Memories of distant dreams
Ravel with the mountain winds

In the cold mountain shall I seek
A small and precious drop of water
Frozen in an icy cave
Folded in a veil of frost and chill

Close your eyes, you'll find your way
In this harsh mountain
Raging winds of cold and power
Tell me stories of a sacred song
Stolen in a distant dream

I have a vision,
I see it in my dreams
A snowflake flower of tremendous beauty
Frozen in an icy cave
Keeping what for me's most dear
In a cage of mist

And I shall not give up, nor fail
Until I find that icy cave
Until I free her song of power
And give her back what's hers by right

And then... I'll die in this harsh mountain
But fear I not death nor pain
If only this could free her power,
I'd gladly give my life away in return

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