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This song is by Advent and appears on the album The Dawn (2003).

Where the stones lain
Thou will call his name

If thou know the Signs
If thou know the Words

When the Sun
Enter in the Ram
And darkness are fallen
Turn thy face
To the Northern Wind

Iah! Shub-Niggurath

...Heaven can wait...
Great Black Goat of Woods
Worldly pleasures
I call thou
...Waiting another day...

The sign of Voor
Rise in the sky
The seal is broken
The sign of Kish
Appear in the circle
The Gates are open
The Sign of Koth
Elder thou watching
Seals what was unfolded

Return on the Earth again
Wordly pleasure
Great Black Goat of Woods

Kneeled thy body
By Archon of the Night
Scent on the fire
The Seal of Blaesu
Is tracing

I'll have their power
Becoming as a god
My soul is strong
I feel their stream
Growing within
Black Horrors of the Night
Will kneel to me
I'll take their forces
And I'll order
Over them...

Zariatnatmix, janna, etutnamus
Hayras, fabelleron, fubentronty
Brazo, tabrasol, nisa
Var-shub-niggurath! gabots membrot

Ancient creatures
Who sleep beyond the time
Appear through mist and fire
Without shape
Out of cosmic void

Is my soul condemned
From here to eternity?

Now that I open the Gates
I see the horror
That come out of time and space...

The Horror... The Horror...

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