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This song is by Adolescents and appears on the album Adolescents (1981).

Is this what you call democracy?
They're killing us and you're killing me
Now I know better, now I can see
That I don't want to be in democracy

Now is the time for us to strike
Do we know what we're doing, have we set things right?

They're leading us into world war three
And this is what you call democracy?
It's a cry for no government, a cry to be free
And I don't see freedom in democracy

Democrat, Republican, Libertarian
Do you really care what party you're in?

Did you really think you could make it big
Living among these nuclear pigs?
If you didn't know, you'll never see
We're too far gone for democracy

Look what it's done to you and me

Democracy is not for me
Democracy is not for me
Democracy is not for me
It's not for me

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