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Do You Wanna Ride? (1995)Edit

Adina Howard - Do You Wanna Ride
Do You Wanna Ride?
  1. You Got Me Humpin'
  2. Freak Like Me
  3. If We Make Love Tonight
  4. I Wants Ta Eat
  5. You Can Be My Nigga
  6. It's All About You
  7. Let's Go To Da Sugar Shack
  8. Do You Wanna Ride?
  9. You Don't Have To Cry
  10. My Up And Down
  11. Horny For Your Love
  12. Coolin' In The Studio
  13. Baby Come Over

Welcome to Fantasy Island (1997)Edit

Adina Howard - Welcome to Fantasy Island
Welcome to Fantasy Island
  1. Welcome to My Queendom (Intro)
  2. (Freak) and You Know It
  3. Personal Freak
  4. All About You
  5. Crank Me Up
  6. Sexual Needs
  7. Could Have Got Away
  8. Another Level (Interlude)
  9. T-Shirt & Panties
  10. I'll Be Damned If I Apologize
  11. Don't Come Too Fast
  12. Take Me Home
  13. Lay Him Down
  14. Ain't No Need
  15. Satisfied (Outro)

The Second Coming (2004)Edit

Adina Howard - The Second Coming
The Second Coming
  1. Outside (The Club)
  2. Wanna Be
  3. Don't Wait Up
  4. Crank Me up (featuring Missy Elliott)
  5. What You Need
  6. T-Shirt & Panties (featuring Jamie Foxx)
  7. Nasty Grind
  8. Buttnaked
  9. It's Not Over (featuring Ee-De)
  10. Let's Roll
  11. That Man
  12. Say What You Want
  13. Missing You

Private Show (2007)Edit

Adina Howard - Private Show
Private Show
  1. Intro: Adjust Your Mental
  2. Picture This
  3. L.O.V.A.
  4. Tease
  5. Doin' 80
  6. Interlude: Bedroom 2 Tha Floor
  7. Like Me
  8. Phone Sex
  9. Stole On
  10. Hips
  11. I Forgive You
  12. Outro: Private Show Goodbye
  13. Hips (Grown & Sexy Remix)

Other SongsEdit

  1. Freak Like Me (Slow Remix)
  2. Ice Cream
  3. Ignition* Remix
  4. Nasty Crab
  5. Strawberries

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