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Breathe Freestyle

This song is by Adig.

I'm the definition of exhibition
When the best is spittin' the rest a listen
'Cause I'm hot, yeah I'm hotter than y'all
And when them haters come around I just be noddin 'em off
If they try to make it hot we get the choppers involved
And these niggas is straight bitch they get the coppers involved
But I ain't worried bout shit like that
'Cause if them niggas start sparkin ima spit rite back
I got them niggas sayin' I ain't seen no shit like that
Man I could sock you in ya chest and yo ya ribs might crack
And I know that ya bitch like that
'Cause when I come to dick her down she be like just like that
I'm the boy with the ice 'cause I'm cold like winter
If you come wit three I'm leavin' two guys injured
Niggas won't defend ya glock chops like a blender
You'll just hear a cock with a shot that'll end ya
Pops won't remember the last thing you did
He be crying like I ain't say goodbye to my kid
I be like nah yes you did is you lying again
I left his body still in peace but go and find him my nig
'Cause I ride wit the sig, this ain't time for no shit
If it Is then I'm finna go chop him again
'Cause this ock ain't my friend, this niggas a frauder
He say we playin' games he don't wanna be a part of
'Cause round here yeah the streets is gettin' harder
Y'all be on the bench while I'm reppin like a starter
In my hood niggas fightin for they life
But them niggas in the field don't be fightin wit the pipe
You never know nigga you could even die tonight
But my niggas ain't gon leave 'cause I be ridin' like a bike
And I'll be pipin wit ya wife
Niggaz hatin' 'cause my swag game sharper than a knife

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