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Boss Freestyle

This song is by Adig.

I been ballin since a youngn I was g'd up
Hustlin tryna get my g's up
The lil niggas on the block was smokin' trees up
I bet them heaters to boys a make you freeze up
We get it poppin' in southwest we bring the noise through
And if it's necessary we can bring them boys too
And if you hatin' then we'll show you what them toys do
And all the niggaz from my city will destroy you
Nah I'm juss fuckin' wit you, now let it me bring it back
My niggas trappin hard, yeah they be swingin' crack
Yeah I'm the greatest, now let me finish that
Said I'm the greatest rapper now just remember that
Trappa, trappa, trappaholic you know I get it in
I'm in the hood rappin' rappin' I hope you listenin
My niggaz is strapped wit strapped wit strapped wit that blicka blam
And they gon blast it, blast it until the trigga jam
Yeah, in my hood that's a regular
Bullets to his head and ya nigga won't remember ya
I send my yung boys to ya hood like a messenger
Big choppas in y'all crib that'll dissemble ya
And them niggas ain't gon friend ya
First chance they get they gon start choppin like a blender
Y'all niggas small but I'm tall like a center
Tryna get a deal and be the brand new member
A-dig in this jump off
If you talkin' shit then ima aim let it dump off
And my goons ain't afraid to let the pump off
Y'all know we don't say shit we let the guns talk

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