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Nesian Girl

This song is by Adeaze.

oh, oh, oh yeah
nesian girl rocks my world will be there by my side for ever

and a lady i know you've been searching for that right kind of guy
oh i cherish you for life
well here i am so come and take me and feel a love you've never felt before
no need to look no more
so while you waitin my heart is anticipating and cravin for you
so baby take me in your arms and i'll keep warm from all the cold nights
and away from harm, so will you be my...........

nesian girl rox my world will be there by my side forever(i will love you forever)
coz she's got class she's got style wrapped up in a nesian smile i adore her(im so glad i adore her)

cool lady you found me im so happy we could be
just waitin for your q, and you know how i feel boo
oh all the words just has got me i need to hear you speak
apart of me i got the sense of a need look at you want to be with me(girl)


your beautiful brown eyes and skin
girl you've got that x-factor that lies with in
your nesian style your sexy smile
everything just drives me wild your walk your talk the way you move has got me hooked

chorus x2

this goes out to our Maori girls and all our Tongan girls and all our Samoan girls
and all our Tokelauen Girls
and all the Fijian girls and all the Niueian girls and all the Cook Iland girls
we love our polynesin girls

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