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Zittly Van Zittles

This song is by Adam Sandler and appears on the album What's Your Name? (1997).

Well I had myself a girlfriend
For almost two whole years
We had ourselves no secrets
We had no fears
There was nothin' we wouldn't do
When we were in the sack
She'd even pop a zit on my back
One night I was out a-cheatin'
After I'd had a few
She caught me red handed
And said "we're through"
Now she got a new boyfriend
It nearly gave me a heart attack
Cause who's gonna pop this zit on my back?
Well I got a pimple and I don't know why
It keeps growin' in the same place
I can't reach it with my left or right hand
I wish it was on my face
It's four days old and it hurts so bad
But it's ready for a squeeze
Won't somebody pop it for me please?
I'll give you ten dollars
If you're a girl in this lonely world
And you're lookin' for a guy
I'll never cheat again, I promise
That's no lie
There's only one thing I ask of you,
Could we name our first child zach?
Oh, one more thing,
Please pop this zit on my back
(I'm dyin' here!)
A pimple-ay-hee
A pop-a-doodle-e-doo
Well I'm sittin' alone
By the phone
And no one seems to call
I try to scrape my zit off
On the kitchen wall
Well that don't work
So I look around
And find a big shiny thumb tack
Put it on the floor, laid down,
Popped the zit on my back.
(Yeah... rock steady man)

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