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The Psychotic Legend Of Uncle Donnie

This song is by Adam Sandler and appears on the album Stan And Judy's Kid (1999).

Petey: Holy shit, this boat is sweet, uncle Donnie.
Donnie: Well, you like it, do you?
Al: It's fucking awesome, Donnie.
Donnie: That's right.
Al: It must be fast and shit.
Donnie: Oh, fuck yeah. This fucking boat's got more balls then the fucking Celtics' locker room.
Johnny: Yeah, but it musta cost you like 50 Gs or something.
Donnie: One might think that, but guess what? It didn't cost me jack shit.
Johnny: What do you mean?
Donnie: I stole it out of a winter storage parking lot.
Johnny: No fucking way!
Al: Are you fucking shitting me?
Donnie: Yeah, paintjob, change of the license and bingo. Here we are sunny times.
Petey: Oh yeah, the sun is wicked fucking hot, I had to stop drinking or I was gonna
Pass out.
Johnny: Oh, yeah. I didn't eat all day, I'm extra fucking buzz.
Donnie: All right, you fucking lightweights. Are you gonna water ski or you gonna slide your fucking tampons in?
Johnny: Okay, Donnie.
Al: Peter, you go first. You're good at this shit.
Donnie: Just jump into the fucking water, you pussy or I'll throw this fucking bottle of Bacardi over here.
Petey: Alright, Uncle Donnie. Alright.
Donnie: Here's you fucking go. Who gives a fuck?
Petey: Hey, it's not bad! The water's warm.
Donnie: Shithead, one ski or two?
Petey: I'll try one. What the fuck.
Donnie: Okay, hotshot. Al, can you fucking take your head out of your ass for a minute? Throw him the fucking ski?
Al: Alright. Here you go. Nice catch, Petey!
Petey: Thanks, buddy! Okay, it's on! I'm ready!
Donnie: Well, you need the rope. Don't you, you fucking ding-aling?
Al: Johnny, throw him the rope.
Johnny: Here you go.
Petey: Got it!
Donnie: Alright. Let me straighten the fucking rope out and then, it's go-time.
Al: Good luck, Peter!
Johnny: Let's do it, Petey!
Al: Have fun.
Johnny: You can get it!
Petey: Don't fucking do this!
Donnie: What do you think, fellas? Is he gonna get up first try or is he gonna stumble at the start gate?
Al: Oh, he's getting up. Definitely!
Johnny: Oh, yeah. Petey's good at everything.
Donnie: Oh, yeah? Well, cheers to the fucking shtud, then. Slainte!
Johnny: Jesus, Donnie. What was that? Like the eleventh shot of rum?
Donnie: How's this? Don't count! Only a fucking old woman counts.
Johnny: Okay, Donnie. Let go of my arm.
Donnie: Yeah, that's what I thought you'd say, pecker-head.
Al: Donnie, the line's straight.
Donnie: Alright, Brainiac. Thanks for the info. You ready back there!?
Petey: Yeah! Hit it!
Donnie: Hit it. Alright. Hang on, fellas.
Johnny: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! He's up!