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Anxiety of Nearness

This song is by Adam Rhinehart and appears on the album Contemplation (2000).

First there came the rains
Then there came the sun
To dry up all the pain
And the worry left undone
Now here I stand alone
Now that I have won your emotion
And your sweet sweet devotion

How am I to see the rain
Through the coming clouds of pain?
When you're here
There's an anxiety of nearness
How am I to see the sun
Knowing I'm the only one
Who lives and lets love
Build the things we're made of

I could sit or lie all day
And watch you waste away all the sorrow
Never knowing what tomorrow may bring
I could tell you "you are mine"
Without a hint of a lie in my voice
Or a shift in my position

I think I wanna go home now
Where I can hide away all day
Never changing - never greying
I feel like I can destroy now
All the things that you have made
With your life up till today

I know I told you not to doubt
I know I told you not to fear what you don't know
But it's the only way to grow sometimes
I wish that we could see
The posibility of a tomorrow
But we need to know the joy from sorrow

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