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Adam Brand (1998)Edit

Adam Brand - Adam Brand
Adam Brand
  1. Uncle Pete
  2. Never Live Without You
  3. Grandpa's Piano
  4. My Mind's Made Up
  5. Come From the Heart
  6. Feelin' Single, Seein' Double
  7. Losing Streak
  8. Last Man Standing
  9. Size Two Boots
  10. Dirt Track Cowboys
  11. My Mama Told Me (Not to Play the Guitar)
  12. Here and There
  13. King of the Road
  14. Words Cannot Say

Good Friends (2000)Edit

Adam Brand - Good Friends
Good Friends
  1. Big Old Car
  2. When the Needle Hits the Vinyl
  3. Good Friends
  4. You Are to Me
  5. I Did What?
  6. Beating Around the Bush
  7. Little Sisters
  8. Good Things In Life
  9. When I Get My Wheels
  10. Little Girl
  11. Every Man Likes You
  12. You're a Revhead
  13. One More Time Tonight

Built For Speed (2003)Edit

Adam Brand - Built for Speed
Built for Speed
  1. New England Highway
  2. I'm Going to Venus
  3. The ANZAC
  4. That Was Us
  5. Dirt Racer
  6. That's Who We Are
  7. Built For Speed
  8. Nothing's Gonna Slow Me Down
  9. Old Hands
  10. I Thank the Good Lord
  11. Smile
  12. Nah, I Don't Think So
  13. Stitches

Get Loud (2004)Edit

Adam Brand - Get Loud
Get Loud
  1. We're Makin' Up
  2. Infinity
  3. Get Loud
  4. Number 34
  5. This Time of Year
  6. Food Water Shelter Love
  7. Eighteen
  8. Cowboy Tequila
  9. Impossible to Do
  10. Lifetime Friends
  11. Just Drive
  12. Senoritas
  13. Come On Home
  14. She's Country

What a Life (2006)Edit

Adam Brand - What a Life
What a Life
  1. Kinda Like It
  2. Open Ended Heartache
  3. Life Will Bring You Home
  4. Party Till The Money's All Gone
  5. Can't Live Without Your Love
  6. That Changes Everything
  7. My Boots
  8. The Bug
  9. Cigarettes and Whiskey
  10. What a Life
  11. Settle Down
  12. Drive Till the Wheels Fall Off
  13. The Lucky One

Other SongsEdit

  1. Anzac
  2. Letting Go
  3. Thump

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