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This song is by Adam Arcuragi and appears on the album Adam Arcuragi (2006).

If I'd left my hands a resting
Upon your sweet hips as you sway
Oh im sure, sure as dust will swirl like wool
I will meet death that way

When I pray lord, for salvation
And I wait like some old crocodile
Will salvation put it's head down to drink
Leaving me with dried blood on my smile
My smile

When the ring slips, from my fingers
And the cloth on my back turns to brown
Brush the hair back from my nose to my ears
So I look smart while she's looking down

Should a dream come, lightly to me
And soothe me in sickness I lay
Through that dream she I take pictures of her
Oh I know I'll meet death that way
Oh I know I'll meet death that way

Hey hey

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