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This song is by Adam Ant and appears on the compilation album Antics in the Forbidden Zone (1990).

Original video
Lock up your brain
'Cos I'm here again
I'm never bored
I'll steal your chords
Ooh-ooh Zerox Machine
Ooh-ooh Zerox Machine

Give me a line
Or a middle eight
I've got the best
So I want the rest
Ooh-ooh Zerox Machine
Ooh-ooh Zerox Machine

Let's get together
Before its too late
Collect up the ideas
And duplicate
Filling up the forms
Send them off tonight
And you'll be the owner
Of the copyright
Of the copyright
Of the copyright

Times of the essence
Get your ears to the ground
However else
Can the hits be found?

I may look happy, healthy and clean
A dark brown voice and suit pristine
But behind the smile there is a
Zerox Machine

(I'm a) Zerox Machine
(repeat 'til end)

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