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​Candy Prowled

This song is by Acumen Nation and appears on the album Territory = Universe (1995).

"And he gasped...broke the surface
But the corrosive sea had already kissed away his lips
And his tongue turned to rancid mush in the salty rush
Of caustic brine that he had swallowed...
Even the spray-filled air was erosive
Eating away his lungs in an instant
So when he tried to breathe, he could not, he went down
Flailing at the waves with arms and hands
That were only bone, caught in an undertow
Sucked into everlasting darkness disillusion horror
oblivion bad thing..."

I start the motor to delight the flesh

I start the motor cut you twice in half

Darkness disillusion horror oblivion bad thing

Lyrics by:

Jason Novak