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Instructions on Building a Model Airplane

This song is by Action Action and appears on the album Don't Cut Your Fabric to This Year's Fashion (2004).

Fill the blank spots in, with childish gibberish,
What seems to be the we only will digress.

Can you figure it out, develope your moment,
Rejection is bliss, ignorance is almost.

And I need you more today,
Let's talk about the government,
Then you walk away,
Don't walk away.

You're so invincible,
So damn consumable,
Oh just deliver it,
You're so unbeatable,
Wuite so delectable,
Even though impossible,
Very much untouchable,
You're so unbeatable.

And you go...

Anyway you figure it, we will all die soon enough,
The trick is to be the first.

Written by:

Mark Thomas Kluepfel

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