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This song is by Action Action and appears on the album Don't Cut Your Fabric to This Year's Fashion (2004).

In just about any given situation,
I'm wasting my patience.
Even though my heart is open,
I'm broken, so broken down.

I defy the laws of science,
And physics, well even logic,
Come on, let's erase my existence;
Annihilation, exuberating.

Feel it running on and on,
I've broken down.

I'd swear my mouth is open,
It's open; I'm screaming,
But still my world is silent,
So silent, so alone.

No more decaffeinating,
I'm done procrastinating,
Consider this my resignation.

Everyday, everyway, always losing my mind,
Spinning round in rhetorical questions,
Perpetually wasting my given time.

Written by:

Mark Thomas Kluepfel

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