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Reactor Number 4

This song is by Acid Bath and appears on the album Wet Dreams Of The Insane (1991).

This red lease on device
Atomic angels watching us
Baptismal radiation
Blessed be the crippled and the scarred
Look deep in the mushroom, can you see the crucifix?
The son of God is going home, look deep into the light
Praise the Lord and turn to dust, you are but human stain
That wipes away unholiness, only purity remains

This is a holy place: Reactor number 4
Hell is always watching me through the cracks up in the floor
Holiness is leaking through into the world of sin
A tiny touch of holiness can eat away one's skin

I'll release the device
Atomic angels watching us
Baptismal radiation
Blessed be the infected and the scarred

You burnt me, oh Lord
You set me on fire with this truth of God
Let there be Hellfire if we cross these fields of sin
Oh Lord take me home
Take me home
End of your blessings
End of your blessings
The end of your blessings
The Lord, this is now over
The Lord, this is over
Amen, brother

The cold king of the serpent prevails
He who walks on blades of grass,
Sharp as feeding talons
Below the light expands
The kingdom of a million wasps
Silent turmoil change
Separate freedom and demons of the night
Cast below the demon into the kingdom of Hell
I want to be there. I'm hungry for the souls of legions
Wandering among the caverns of doubt

Praise the Lord
Praise the Lord

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