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The Madness Of The Crowd

This song is by Ace Troubleshooter and appears on the album The Madness Of The Crowds (2000).

Here I go against the grain
It's time to yet again complain
And make some noise
We've got all our sciences
Making our appliances
To dull the pain
It's novocain for the soul

Hollywood, pop culture's best
You do no good, you vultures' nest
And I want out
It's gambling now, the more you wait
And think that you can have your Kate and Edith, too
And so to lose your own soul

I'll call your bluff, I've had enough
Oh no Ho-Jo

So is it fantasy or reality t.v.?
So here's your world condoned
You get the chisel, I'll get the stone

Know that with each path we take
We become the choices that we make
It's true, and so do you
Forbear to keep obstinate will
And to choose to wait until the dream dissolves
And we're absolved from our guilt

I'll call your bluff, I've had enough
Oh no Ho-Jo