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Edge Of Heaven

This song is by Ace of Base and appears on the album The Bridge (1995).

Original video
Fire! I can see it burning so brightly
Fire! I can feel it calling out to me

And as the sun goes down
It starts to paint a picture
Of an ancient town
So far away, across the endless sea

Lead me to the light
And take me to the edge of heaven
I am standing in the night
Looking for the edge of heaven
We'll be touching the edge of heaven

Close your eyes, see dreams of tomarrow
The wheels are turning 'till eternity

And as the darkness comes
I start to see a picture
Of a lonely man
So clearly now reaching out for me

Lead me to the light...

And sail the endless sea
So lead me to the light
And take me to the edge of heaven

The edge of heaven is near
We'll sail the endless sea

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