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Conquests of a Dying Culture

This song is by Accursed Dawn and appears on the album Manifest Damnation (2005).

Along these once fresh and fertile fields; Did we spread like wildfire, a swarming hatred; Laying waste to all those who oppose our creed; Like armies marching, on in death's name
A storm of ideals, unbridled power; False knowledge fashioned for our conquest; Destruction's minions, with one aim in mind; A free world for the taking
Across these pure and sacred lands; Did we plant our seeds, of deception; Our blind faith and the fruits of our labor; Lie in a failing system
Rape and slaughter those who won't accept this; We shall water our fields with all their blood; A raging harvest wrought with disapproval; The end result of our burning Eden
This machine will drive on and on; Whether or not you are on board; Devastation is the only thing; That it produces
The destiny of our culture
All creation shall perish; The price of advancement; This device will not fail; Our vehicle for change
A hunger fueled by lethal intentions; Running rampant through our minds; Thirsting for an absolute mastery; The time will soon come when all will think like us
Nothing shall pass 'til man has reached his mark; No one shall rest 'til gods we all become
Consume the fruit of the forbidden tree; This world belongs to us; None shall oppose us but must