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Beyond the Darklands (1999)Edit

Abyssaria - Beyond the Darklands
Beyond the Darklands
  1. Into the Abyss
  2. Rebellion of the Damned
  3. Unhallowed Reflections
  4. Forgotten Worlds
  5. Beyond the Darklands
  6. Mountain of Dead Souls

All the Dying on Earth (2001)Edit

Abyssaria - All the Dying on Earth
All the Dying on Earth
  1. Ghosts of Silence
  2. Symbols of My Universe
  3. All the Dying on Earth
  4. Until Darkness Do Us Unite
  5. Her Painful Dreams of Suicide
  6. Elysian Fields of Anathemised Entities
  7. The Everlasting Fire
  8. The Incessant Fall of Mankind
  9. Awaiting the End

Architecture of Chaos (2003)Edit

Abyssaria - Architecture of Chaos
Architecture of Chaos
  1. Architecture of Chaos
  2. The Rising
  3. Before the Dawn
  4. Spirit Empire Infinity
  5. Total Soul Eclipse
  6. Licht

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