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Flayed, Dismembered And Feasted Upon

This song is by Abysmal Torment and appears on the album Epoch Of Methodic Carnage (2006).

Weep as your broken eyes gaze into mine
While I shift my fingers through your hair
Pull you back to me, whisper hate into your ear
Smashing your face against the wall
Red bleed your controlled features, I smile
Plead and cry all you want
All I care about is what I want
Narcissistic swine your time is over
Shed the last bitter tears Prostrate before me
Inhale a last choking breath before you are dead
Flayed, dismembered and feasted upon
I push the cold metal barrel to your forehead
One eternal moment of intense fear
Steady I pull the trigger, you're history
Splashes of cranial matter rinse me
Massive head trauma, soon I burry my vengeful axe
Deep at the base of your pale neck
Sequentially rammed down in raving crescendo
Till your head's dangling by a morsel of meat
The decapitated carcass of you filthy whore
Is the only remembrance I'll keep to abhor
Naked like a worm stained in shimmering blood
I jam a blade in that pig like crotch of yours
Jutting in and out scraping against the bones
Flayed, dismembered and feasted upon
Forcefully tugging, shedding the corpse of its skin
Pealing away layers of filth
Flayed, dismembered and feasted upon
I spill the warm bowels and innards
Slipping like slimy eels through my hands
Flayed, dismembered and feasted upon
I bate myself in the clotting blood
While I plunder the gored remains
Flayed, dismembered and feasted upon

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