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Fairy Stories

This song is by Absurd Minds and appears on the album Venture Inward (1998) and on the album Deception (2000).

The enemy out there (x3)

Detonating bombs
Fire everywhere
Extraterrestrial scum
The enemy outthere
Hand me a gun
There is flesh
That is a body and that's a hole
Hand me a gun to make my hole
Hand me a gun to satisfy my soul
The enemy outthere

We need someone to show the evil inside
Aliens in space
So kill them
It's your right

The enemy out there

It was something on TV
And I can't stand it any longer
Fairy stories
Maybe it's wrong what we think and what we do
We don't care
We know the others are capable
Of doing this too
Smallminded hybris
We miss reality

Take aim and shoot

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