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This song is by Absurd Minds and appears on the album Venture Inward (1998).

It's absurd to suppose there is a being
Millionfold bigger than us that brings
To life this world
It came into being from itself
By itself without reason without help

At a gathering of those tiny microbs
Living in billions in our blood
An exeptionally enlightened one gave
A lecture about their lies in her times
"Ladies and gentlemen," she said, "I hope so"
There is no one between us, who holds on
To the out stripped idea of a being
That reigns our world by it's will

It's absurd...

A lot of us feel just as simple like
Those tiny microbs
Far too many
They can't imagine that our world
Is a part of a big organism
Called universe or body of God
They can't imagine that our world
Is a part of a big one

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