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Self Made Martyr

This song is by Absolution Project and appears on the album Songs From Io (2009).

Realize that you're losing everything pure this time
Fight back to re-take the enemies in your mind
You follow what you know, but you can't control
Just to find what I feel
Insanity might control your thoughts
But it won't make them real

You up the dosage again
To dull this pain
That won't ever end

No it never ends...
No it never ends...

Slowly it consumes you try as you might
Delirium controls you from deep inside
Self indulging in the ways you like to make believe
But you still don't exist to me

Realize that you're losing everything good again
Trading abuse for serenity won't help you mend
You poisoning your soul, cause you lost control
Won't get you close to me
It's you that's wrong, but beneath it all
You choose what not to see

Before you draw a line in the sand
Be sure you know that you made it end
And while I cross the line you drew
I'm sure of my feelings for you

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