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Compilation by various artists.
Disc 1
  1. Håll om mig by Sara Löfgren
  2. Flickan från det blå by Jimmy Jansson
  3. I Don't Wanna Change the World by Johan Becker
  4. Turn and Walk Away by Karl Martindahl
  5. Kom hem hel igen by Sandra Dahlberg
  6. Sömnlöshet by Maja Gullstrand
  7. Bitter Sweet by Johan Östberg
  8. If It's All I Ever Do by Anders Johansson
  9. Can't Stop the Rain by Martina Edoff
  10. Hollywood Lie by Hannah Westin
  11. Om du var här by Jessica Andersson
  12. Give Me Your Love by Fame
  13. How Will I Know by Patrik Rasmussen
  14. Power of Life by Dajana Lööf
  15. Walk a Mile by Carola Szücs
  16. Thank You by Michael Michailoff
  17. Det bästa jag har by Simson And Dupont
  18. The Luckiest by Markus Landgren
  19. Don't Throw Your Life Away by Andrés Esteche
  20. Let Me Love You by Johan Becker
Disc 2
  1. Något som kan hända by Mathias Holmgren
  2. Starkare by Sara Löfgren
  3. Without You by Anders Johansson
  4. Godmorgon världen by Jimmy Jansson
  5. When You're Coming Back Again by Karl Martindahl
  6. Förrän elden by Sandra Dahlberg
  7. Odd Little Things by Johan Becker
  8. Beyond Your Eyes by Jessica Martinsson
  9. No One Else by Fernando Fuentes
  10. I Am Stupid by David Castaneda
  11. Save My Soul by Magnus Bäcklund
  12. När veckan är slut by Marcus Öhrn
  13. Feel Good Lies by Pauline Högberg
  14. Every Step of the Way by Andreas Wistrand
  15. I Wish I Was an Angel by Martin Olsen
  16. You Were There by Maria Pensar
  17. Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough by Anders Johansson
  18. Side by Side by Johan Östberg
  19. Tillbaka till igår by Emil Sigfridsson
  20. För alltid by Sara Löfgren

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