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Written In Minor Key

This song is by Absidia and appears on the split album Morphology Of Fear (2002) by Six Reasons to Kill and Absidia.

Deep down inside the emptiness is prevailing, the seed of pain begins to grow as hope withers and dies. The sky is overcast, the sun doesn't shine in this world anymore, the yearning for a new era has met a sudden death. The inexhaustible source of distress grows every hour, every day. But will a leap in the dark heal the wounds or just be the downfall of life? The doubts still remain, are even bigger than ever before though things couldn't get worse. The pie in the sky is written in minor key.

What you can read above are words to express my emotions in situations, in which you don't know what the future will bring. I'm quite sure everybody of you has already been in such situations. Tired of this vicious circle we call life, no ray of hope, no light in the dark, too many unanswered questions

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