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Press The Button

This song is by Absidia and appears on the album Written In Minor Key (2001).

Press the button one more time, change the channel, travel through your world full of love, lustre and stars. You're lost in your dreams, believing everything they put in front of you but has nothing to do with real life. It's just a staged spectacle to keep you from realizing your potential, to hinder you from breaking out of the prison called TV. It quenches your thirst for happiness, it keeps you satisfied, makes you feel good.

"The media is a source of titillation more than information. The mission of the media is to please, to comfort and primarily to sell." (Mumia Abu-Jamal)

When TV was developed it was promised that everybody would learn about the world in his living room. But meanwhile the whole thing has become a show. More and more people get lost in this "real world". They don't want to be informed, they just want to be entertained! It is frightening to watch so-called "News" in which only a few short blinks are determined to inform about the happenings around the world. The rest of the time they waste by giving you news about the stars or talk about the newest trends

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