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No Longer Willing To Wither

This song is by Absidia and appears on the split album Morphology Of Fear (2002) by Six Reasons to Kill and Absidia.

Upbringing was like pruning a tree,
Cutting of the branches of rebellion,
Leaving the trunk of obedience
Rooted in the ground of reason.
An overwhelming potential restricted,
To put one on their right road,
Accepted as given, never questioned:
To stride a prepaved path like millions before,
To be shaped like millions before,
To die like millions before.

The new breed is planted,
No longer willing to wither.
Our fertilizer is self-determination,
To gain new goals,
Never satisfied with the presence.
Join our way or ask yourself:
When was the last time you felt truly free?

By investigating our educational system "from childhood" on, you can see a restriction in the development of one's uniqueness. All creativity, all impartiality is buried for the sake of a normal life, with a beautiful wife, nice children, a big house and a new car! What was lost on the way is this lightheartedness to use all abilities.

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