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Let The Shades Fall Down

This song is by Absidia and appears on the album Written In Minor Key (2001).

You live your life and bask in your fame, but people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Take a look behind the facade, see what is hidden in the dark, set the balls rolling and put your cards on the table. Your paltry generosity was only a means to an end, the veil to cover your evil face. Your kindness is just a pretence for your machination, you have blotted your copy-book, you're ruthless. Let the shades fall down to end the tyranny, to create an abundance if birdlife without greed and pain.

"It must come from the poor, a rebellion of the spirit that
Re-affirmes their intrinsic human worth, based upon who they are rather than what they possess" (Mumia Abu-Jamal)
The modern men is measured only by his possessions, someone is only worth the things he owns, values and character doesn't count anymore. Nobody cares if there is something odd about it. Often, these "honourable" persons stop at nothing: they exploit their workers, they deceive the laws but still pretend to have a clean record.
Maybe we shouldn't overrate our scale of values

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