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I Can't Relate

This song is by Absentee Ballad.

Look into your eyes to know what I might find
To spend the rest of our lives hoping to God
I will never lose your soul from my heart,
It hurts to have you here, but so far away.

How many times have I laid in the sand,
Shocked you're right next to me,
Your head on my chest,
Your hand in my hand,
Nothing could ever be this great
Only knowing that I've found the piece of the puzzle -
The puzzle to my soul, that completes me.

The past is far behind, I only want you forever,
To hold me as close to you, as I've held you here in my life,
To find that girl that gives me all I need,
I'd give it all, I'd give you anything - just to see your smile.

It took me too long to find, that special girl
To know you're mine, to only believe.

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