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Dissolved In Slavery

This song is by Absentation and appears on the album Mental Battle Resurrection (2007).

Active, the carnage feeder
The persecution manifests
True perverted toxic reign
Invisible hands just to molest
A hunger born, a victim found
Mind-cotic habutation
A world-size coffin to the mass
Anti human incantation

Grizzling roars of those who bleed.with every feast
Mutilation of dignity, art of beasts
Dissolved in slavery.left to reek
A radical form of mockery, through death we sneak
We sneak

Retaliation?only a requiem??
So I embody, the verbal retort?(hadi & atasi)

Fuck those who feed on liberty
Fuck those who drain our minds
Fuck those who distort our entity
Chain us to our tombs in gridlock lines... ?(hadi & atasi)

Restless, unstoppable spasms
So sickening to hold in retention
There isent much more left to profane
Unless they seek any goodness in corruption...

We are blessed in tyranny
If yor're redeemed then face insanity
Both holes reify obscurity
Thts how we dissolve in slavery?

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