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Anadromous Forces Revenge

This song is by Absenta and appears on the album Baeticum - EP (2007).

Black shadows come from the sea,
They are concentrating on estuaries,
All of them stand waiting
The calling of flood after the rain.
Climb the human dam,
Spawn on cracks where it is weak.
Leave your genetic
Story of water sovereignty.
Destroy every reservoir,
Began a battle again the species
That human hand introduced
To be satiated his animal instint.
Call to the sun on summer,
Nobody alive on the runs,
Just native species shelter
In pools where only they can survive.
When reach the top of highest riffle
Conquer the cobbles and the space between them
The heat of spring will fix the sperm to the eggs
Making explote them in a lethal cloud.
Whit them around the battlefield is our,
Whit them around the victory is our.
For hundred years you have been soping our pass,
For so much time you have been avoiding our spawn,
We were close to the extintion, or at least you though,
But something you could never know is that one day we could take our revenge.
In the dark where you can be fooled
We will stand on the booton of rivers
Waiting for the fall of your dams
Flooding everything you have created

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