Absent Friends:Give It Back Lyrics

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Give It Back

This song is by Absent Friends.

In me sane

No, or is it me or am I really doubting on myself?
It gets back to me, scares me out when I'm counting on myself?
I tried to push it, close my eyes and pretend its dead
Then why am I so frightend by these pictures in my head

Take it away with you, make me gone, I know that one day
it'll tear me

I never got the chanse to
Say how much I need a
Break so give it back and get up on your feet and look at me
I'm gonna make you feel the
Same, before you in here came
So give it back and get up on your feet and look at me!

Now, Im fighting over you because I cannot hold my self
So many nights I tried to hold back the blood tears in my head
It seems so close but, its deep inside me, it cant be reached
the absence of you faith inside me, just set me free