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This song is by abs and appears on the album Abstract Theory (2003).

Original video
(Yeah... wooo
Uh, uh-huh... c'mon... uh
Yo... ch'mere ... uh, uh)

The first time I laid my eyes on you,
You know that... girl, you know I had to.
She had the honeycomb lips fired up.
I had the drop top, six chromed up.
That sounds like we was meant to,
Girl, you were sent to...
From up above, Heaven lent you.
To let me take your time, with the line, what's yer name?
You telling me you got a man... damn that's a shame ...

Somebody let me know,
Why I gotta play all the time in a low-down?
It's a shame how I make you feel,
But it's hard girl... I'm trying to keep it real.

It's a shame .... (uh-huh)
You know yer messing 'round with my heart
(The way I'm playing with yer heart, girl...)
It's a shame ...
The way you... hurt me.
(I didn't meant to...)

Like Sugarbear, don't scandalize mine.
That's just how I play, get yourself in line.
Ah, my girlfriends phoning me, uh
Asking why she found a pair of panties in the backseat, uh.
Damn! I shoulda known I was wrong to.
I didn't mean to hurt you girl, I didn't want to.
But she was too damn, jiggity boom.
Green eyes, jeans tight, and dark hair...
I friggin had to.



Pardon me girl, that it ain't what yer thinkin.
All alone, while yer sleepin, I'm dreamin.
(Trying to say...)
Is I got you, but I gotta get you... in my heart,
Girl, I gotta let you.
I need to stop that guy. I'm tryin to get it straight.
Girl, it ain't no lie.
My best friend's tellin me to chill now,
Need to hold it down,
Baby tell me, ain't you feel now ...


- CHORUS x 3

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